Fatty Acid Methyl Esters

1.Appearance and Properties: White or light yellow transparent liquid, low freezing point

2.Assay: First grade ( acidity≤0.5 mgKOH/g), Second grade ( acidity≤1 mgKOH/g), Third grade ( acidity≤5 mgKOH/g).


No. Items Value
1 Acidity / (mgKOH/g) First grade ≤ 0.5
Acidity / (mgKOH/g) Second grade ≤ 1
Acidity / (mgKOH/g) Third grade ≤ 5
2 C16-C18 Content 95
3 Lodine Value 80-130
4 Moisture / (%) 0.1

4.Applications: It is a kind of important chemical intermediates, widely applied in leather chemical industry and daily chemical industry; it can be used as raw materials of fat-liquoring agent, fatty alcohol and the surfactants. Also applied in pesticide adjuvants and biodiesel.

5.Packing: 190 kgs/drum (PVF internal coating barrel); 950 kgs/drum (IBCdrum); ISO Tanks; Tank Car;or packaged according to customer requirements.

6.Storage conditions: It should be stored in sealed packages at room temperature.

7.Shelf life: 24 months