Introduction of Technology Center

The technology center of Fujian Glanny Bio-engineering Co., Ltd was established in 2013 which contains office area, gas and liquid phase room, clean room, high temperature room, physical and chemical laboratory, sample room, weighing room, general laboratory, etc., with a total of 1200 square meters.  At present, the technology center has a total of 18 employees, including 12 full-time R&D personnel.  The company has invested heavily to purchase several international advanced testing equipments.  The technology center was identified as the enterprise technology center of Longyan city in 2017.

Take the company as the main body, the market as the orientation, with the technology innovation system which the producing, development, and research are  closely combined, Glanny improves the product competitiveness, carries out the research and development of new technology and new products from a higher level, and realizes the company’s high-speed and sustainable development.  The technology center continuously introduces senior technical personnel, engaged in the forefront of scientific research in biotechnology industry to provide technical support for the company development strategy implementation, and is committed to become the sharing platform of regional industry technology development.  Play a strong scientific and technological innovation support for the whole competition level of ascension, and sustainable development of science and technology innovation.  Up to now, it has been granted 3 invention patents and 23 utility model patents.